23 September 2017

big star shawl using moeke yarn

for some time now i have been wanting to get myself some moeke yarn as i have been following ioana and the development of the yarn via instagram for quite some time.  this summer i finally acquired enough of the elena in a natural brown to make myself a big star shawl.  the yarn or the pattern did not disappoint.

the beginnings of moeke yarn is everything that inspires me:  keeping traditions alive, supporting individual craftsmen, and staying true to the nature of the product. it is a beautiful, rustic yarn that feels 'real', for lack of a better term.  the time and effort that ioana and her brother have put into producing this yarn is admirable and, for me, makes it all more meaningful.  for the past few years i have made it a point to seek out products that are from the individual craftsman.  i'd rather give them my money and support than a large corporation that mass produces things...but that discussion could be a whole other (long) post.  after working with this yarn for a short time, i quickly ordered myself enough to make a sweater.

if you aren't familiar with moeke yarns, take some time to check out the above links and/or look them up on instagram.

no affiliation with ioana or moeke yarn....just a happy knitter.