15 January 2019

ioana shawl

i finished my ioana shawl near the close of 2018 and am really glad that i put other works in progress on hold to knit it.  i love the texture, the yarn and the finished product, plus the yarn has quickly become a favorite.  it's knit with moeke romanian merino and heritage, both in their natural color way. now that winter has finally arrived it has gotten it's share of use.

i have since continued on with a sweater that has been in progress for, uh, several months.  it's not that i'm not enjoying the knit or unhappy with how things are going but rather that i had to rip out a few times which is never fun.  i have persevered and am now happily onto the sleeves so a finished product should be wearable soon.

other happenings include unraveling of several projects that i knit but was unhappy with the fit.  even though i loved the yarn and pattern, i wasn't liking how they looked on me, which is nothing out of the ordinary.  i am a nightmare when it comes to clothing styles and fit.  i think that has improved some over the years as i'm (slowly) learning what i'm most comfortable in, but that is still translating (again, slowly) over into my knitting choices.  these items have been laying in a basket and growing over the past two or three years and i decided that it was time to clear them out to make the yarn available for other purposes.  it's been rather startling to me how satisfying that process has been.  who knew?

finally, i've started onto a somewhat different, but not new, path where my knitting is concerned. will share more next time...

08 January 2019

the magic of vavstuga

through the years i've been able to attend some workshops and retreats which i thoroughly enjoyed and gained some knowledge from, but i've always been left a bit disappointed to some extent.  i had eventually written it off as too high of expectations on my part and left it at that.

 it had been over 8 years since i had attended a retreat but had heard only positive reviews about becky ashenden and vavstuga.  last september i had the chance to make the trek north to massachusetts and experience a week of weaving with becky at her school of weaving.  i quickly came to realize that i was in for a whole new experience.

 weaving was explained and demonstrated in such a understandable way with an immense amount of patience but by the end of the week i came to realize that i had received more than just the know-how of looms, drafting and the act of weaving.  i got to witness hospitality at its finest from a hard-working woman who truly loves what she does.  becky is so talented in so many different things and freely shares her passion.  as one of my fellow roommates remarked, becky is authentic and true to herself.  we hear a lot of that being thrown around these days, but to actually see someone living that?  so very rare.

in the months that have passed i have come to realize that i received more than a strong working knowledge on the craft of weaving.  it has left me looking at and pondering different areas of my life, all in a very good way.

01 January 2019
23 September 2017

big star shawl using moeke yarn

for some time now i have been wanting to get myself some moeke yarn as i have been following ioana and the development of the yarn via instagram for quite some time.  this summer i finally acquired enough of the elena in a natural brown to make myself a big star shawl.  the yarn or the pattern did not disappoint.

the beginnings of moeke yarn is everything that inspires me:  keeping traditions alive, supporting individual craftsmen, and staying true to the nature of the product. it is a beautiful, rustic yarn that feels 'real', for lack of a better term.  the time and effort that ioana and her brother have put into producing this yarn is admirable and, for me, makes it all more meaningful.  for the past few years i have made it a point to seek out products that are from the individual craftsman.  i'd rather give them my money and support than a large corporation that mass produces things...but that discussion could be a whole other (long) post.  after working with this yarn for a short time, i quickly ordered myself enough to make a sweater.

if you aren't familiar with moeke yarns, take some time to check out the above links and/or look them up on instagram.

no affiliation with ioana or moeke yarn....just a happy knitter.