28 April 2015

showering babies

i had my oldest daughter's baby shower here last weekend and i think it went pretty well.  we had a full house and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  unfortunately i didn't get many pictures other than of the food. 

so now, we wait.  she's due may 14 but is definitely ready to have this little one.  isn't that the way it goes?  hurry up and wait.

21 April 2015


lately i feel like a butterfly, fluttering from here to there, always feeling rushed.  i don't like that feeling but i guess there are times in this life that it's necessary.  i want to get back to my normal, more relaxed way of things soon.  very soon.

spring has definitely made its appearance here and it's such a joy seeing everything coming alive.  we are already on our second mowing of the season (that grass grows so fast this time of year, doesn't it?) and i'm anxiously awaiting my lilac buds to make their welcomed appearance.  i need to get out to the woods and dip my feet in the cold, cold creek water.  very soon.