03 June 2015

changes, of the good kind

i'm not always the best at accepting changes, but i'm getting better at looking at them differently.  at least i no longer run around screaming, "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!"  it's a good thing because the past couple months have been full of change.

the best change has been the birth of our second granddaughter, bonita mae, born may 21.  both mom and baby are doing great and big sister, dulcie, really could care a-less about the new addition and just goes about her merry-ole-way.  love those little girls.

my husband lost his job in april after being in an industry for over 20 years.  it wasn't anything he did; just an industry that has taken a dive and companies closing their doors.  we weren't surprised when he was laid-off, but were both wondering "what's next".  he traveled a lot over the past 10 years, so it has been strange having him home for the past 2 months.  instead of running around screaming "the sky is falling", we decided to take some time and re-evaluate things while doing some projects around the house.  it ended up being a win-win situation.  he decided that he wanted to change industries which resulted in several new job offers, one of which he has accepted and will leave him with a whopping 10 minute commute.

while watching dulcie for several days while my daughter was in the hospital, it occurred to me that we would be needing a room for her when she gets to stay at grandma and grandpa's house (that is still so weird to type!).  our extra bedroom was occupied by my sewing things, but we had a whole finished basement that really wasn't being used much.  we sectioned off about 1/3 of the downstairs and i now have a bigger and better area with which i can stretch out and work in.  i absolutely love it and am really looking forward to spending some quality time in it.

so yes, change does happen.  sometimes a whole lot of it at once.  but i've decided that it's a whole lot better being half-full than half-empty.


  1. Congrats on the new grandbaby...so cute. Love her name, so precious.

    Do I see empty cubbies???? I have faith that you will add to them in time, lol.

    blessings, jill

  2. Ohh your granddaughter is so precious. Lovely!
    I love your closet. Very tidy and neat.

  3. It's been a while since I've visited Tracee - shame on me, I know - but it is nice to catch up. Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeous grand-daughter... and great to hear how you've turned negatives into positives. Sounds like you are loving your new craft room!