03 September 2015

on the hunt

last week i headed out to the woods in search of mushrooms and elderberries as well as wanting to check the progress on the black walnuts and acorns.  i have some ideas brewing and they all have to do with dyeing.  i've dyed fabric many times in the past, but never using things from nature.  i'm excited about what may become of it but will have to wait a bit longer.  no luck in finding the berries and the nuts haven't begun to fall quite yet.

the sun has made its shift in the sky and the shadows are changing shape.  sure signs of fall being on its way, but summer is putting up a good fight.  ninety degree days are the norm now, and looks to be sticking around for the next several days.  still, i couldn't resist buying three mums.  i'm ready for wearing sweaters and eating pumpkin pie. 


  1. What a darling grandchildren do you have! Love the picture of the woods you took.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Dyeing fabric with nature sounds to be an interesting project. Fall is a great season, we are heading into Winter here but our weather is a bit confused. This weekend was sweater/jacket wear and later in the week we will probably need gloves & hats :)
    Looking, forward to seeing your photos and following your adventures, with the dyeing.