18 August 2015

visiting the birds

i finally got around to getting to the aviary with my daughter this past weekend.  she had been wanting me to make the trip with her for several months, but it always seemed like the weekends never had enough hours in the day.  it was worth the trip.  i do regret not grabbing my 100 mm lens, but have decided that just means that we'll have to make another trip down, maybe this winter.

i'm feeling the pull of fall, but it's a struggle when it's 90 degrees out.  i've already been making some mental plans about thanksgiving.  i know, it's 3 months away.  crazy.  i'm trying really hard to enjoy these warm days.  this morning, i hear rain outside of my window.  a good day to spend in the studio, i'd say.
12 August 2015

winding down

my time on the computer has been rather hit or miss for the pass several weeks.  it was a conscious decision and a good one.  stepping off of the 'information highway' and trading it for the 'slow and deliberate dirt road';  yes, now that's more my pace.

even though we have over a month until the official beginning of fall, i can't help but notice that things are beginning to wind down.  it's very slight, but the shift has begun.  time spent in the woods is never wasted and i get out there as often as i can.  it's amazing how it calms my spirit without fail.

i've been busy creating, but not much to show for it as a lot of the projects are taking some time.  feeling a bit frustrated by it, i decided to make up a dishcloth just for some 'instant' gratification. 

there, i feel better.  it's time to get back to the other projects now.