05 August 2016

summer wanes

this summer has been a full one.  there have been weddings, graduations and anniversaries to celebrate.  and then there has been the heat and humidity.  all but 4 days of july were in the 90's and humidity that hit you like a brick wall. august has only been slightly better. not! fun! i'm pretty sure that we own the electric company, lock/stock/barrel at this point.

then there was the on-going (or what seems to be) fight with technology.  i've had problems with the main computer that i use-the one that i have all of my software and files on.  finally, it just decided to die at a ripe old age of 3 years.   lost of ton of pictures (no, i didn't have them backed up) and other things, but weathered it like a solider, i believe, and went and bought a mac.  i am now microsoft free, and i am now backing up my photos once again.  lesson learned on many accounts.

i'm ready for fall.  anyone else with me?

1 comment:

  1. beautiful pictures. Sounds that you had a busy summer indeed. What are you knitting? did you spun the yarn you are using?

    ps, finally I finished my shetland hap. I love it :-)