03 June 2016

and then, summer

the first part of may left little to be desired weather-wise; we had cold, dark, grey and even some wet snow.  then, just like that, the sun came out and the temps rose, and kept doing so.  we've hit 90 degrees a few times and the humidity is through the roof.  welcome summer.  long sleeve shirts and jackets got traded for t-shirts and shorts and there was the usual rush to your local nursery for flowers to plant.  thoughts went to ice cream, river swimming and lightening bugs (saw our first ones this week!). there were birthdays to celebrate, fresh strawberries to enjoy and bikes to ride. the rain has since returned, but the humidity has decided to hang around.  makes for a very damp, stuffy feeling;  pretty much typical summer weather for these parts.

 me?  i'm just moseying on along, with knitting needles in hand watching british tv and sipping hot tea (watching the british makes me want to do that).  "what?  it's 94 degrees and 90% humidity out there?  yeah, whatever.  put on the tea kettle, please.  and while you're at it, turn up the a.c."