23 January 2017

nordic wind shawl :: completed

coming into the new year i had an overall plan, but wasn't sure exactly what it is that i'd start knitting first.  that decision just kind of happened.

my original idea was to use my homespun with some yarn that i had purchased.  once i worked up a sample though, i wasn't happy with the result.  i purposely made my handspan a bit rustic, but i didn't like the result for this specific pattern.  i was rather disappointed and walked away from the project for a couple days, probably to try and convince myself otherwise.  that didn't happen.  so, i pulled out some letti lopi from my stash and held it double with the special yarn i had purchased with this specific pattern in mind.

this 'special yarn' that i'm  referring to is from sheep that graze the grounds of hammershus on the baltic island of bornholm.  now, if you are familiar with some history, you'll remember that princess leonora christina of denmark was imprisoned there with her husband in 1660. she had committed no crime but was imprisoned simply because of her husband's shady dealings.  they attempted an escape in 1661 with leonora climbing 70 feet down from her window in the tower but was later apprehended.  her story is really quite a remarkable one but leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth regarding her husband.   i've read her memoirs that she wrote while imprisoned a second time in the blue tower(again, because of her husband) and she is incredibly  loyal to him.  he ended up escaping, collected their children and left the country leaving leonora to fend for herself.  she was finally released when she was 63 years old and had been held in the blue tower for over 20 years.

i'm quite happy with this shawl and am loving the burnt orange that i added to it.  i haven't been able to put it to use as of yet though simply because our weather here has been more springlike with temperatures in the 60s.  

once again, i'm not sure what i'll get into next on my list.  a couple of weeks ago i realized that i have not one pullover sweater to be had.  plenty of cardigans, but no pullovers.  that may have to be remedied rather soon.